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This may not be a quest that Harry or Hermione might find of great import but in our house The Quest For The Perfect Pancake is a grave one indeed. Myself and Niall have climbed great metaphorical batter mountains in search of the perfect and most fluffiest of pancakes. What a journey it has been, full of displays of great stomach strength and the loosening of jean belts, aided by the pancake tales to be found on the food blogosphere.

We are truly not even halfway through this delicious crusade and have yet to tinker with all types of pancakes. We did however stumble upon Deb’s Pancake 101 post quite recently and took inspiration from her in creating our fluffiest pancakes yet. It’s a more laboured recipe than usual, but this is a quest after all, and a bit of egg white whisking was not going to keep us down. The results were certainly the best we’ve attained so far, being light and lush, but lacking in lift. And so we’re still on the look out for that perfect pancake.

We’re thinking this Bank Holiday weekend could be a good opportunity for another go. Got any tips for us?

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