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These little beauties were a product of my Naughty or Nice column in The Irish Independent’s Weekend magazine. I had wanted to highlight cherries as a delectable summer time ingredient and a bit of brainstorming led to my making these individual cherry cheesecakes.

I used mascarpone as my soft cheese, which I do prefer to use over Philly. I love a good spoonful of Philly but I like the texture mascarpone lends to a cheesecake. It makes it seem somehow more authentic. These little beauties were very straightforward to make and do well in the fridge so are a great one to make ahead.

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I’m going to come clean with you. To call this recipe a “bread” is really a bit of a stretch. In truth, it’s a full-on sugar-loaded decadently-brilliant-with-tea cake.

I found this recipe a month or two back and followed it right down to the pecan crumble. Since then, I have experimented with it using an all walnut crumble, a hazelnut crumble, and a mixture of both. I’ve also replaced the banana in the cake with grated carrot, and it worked an absolute treat. I shared the walnut crumble recipe in this weekend’s Naughty or Nice column in The Irish Independent, as my naughty nutty recipe to match Aoife Barry’s Cinnamon Roasted Cashews.

In the interest of full disclosure, it’s a bit fussy to make. But only due to the fact that you need, like, five different dishes for the mixing and whisking and mashing that it entails. Not at all difficult, but I would recommend you read the recipe carefully before getting stuck in, so you’re prepared for the different stages and have all of your tools ready. The result is a light and fluffy cake, easily enjoyed at practically any time of the day. Homnomnom.

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I’ve taken to testing my cakes and treats on my Roller Derby teammates, giving them little slices of cakes after our gruelling two hour practices. In truth, they’re probably not the most reliable of testers seeing as we’re all so flippin’ knackered after practice an old boot would taste amazing. But they are terribly complimentary which does my baking confidence no end of good.

I tested these White Chocolate and Cranberry  Crispy Treats on them a few weeks back and they were given a resounding thumbs up. So I shared it in my Naughty or Nice column in the Irish Independent’s Weekend magazine this weekend. In case you missed it, keep reading for the recipe.

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Last Saturday’s Weekend magazine in The Irish Independent saw myself and Aoife B in a battle of the baking. While she offered delightfully light and totally vegan Lemon Spelt and Coconut Cookies, I went in for the kill with a decadently rich Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake (inspired by these brownies).

We also mentioned the fabulous Waterford Food Festival happening from the 12th to the 15th of April and our foodies to follow were @ACheeseBoard and @TieDyeFiles.

Head over here for a look at the rest of the Weekend’s food section, which includes some delicious recipes from baking legend Mary Berry and a review of Il Secreto by Paolo Tullio.

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