I’ve taken to testing my cakes and treats on my Roller Derby teammates, giving them little slices of cakes after our gruelling two hour practices. In truth, they’re probably not the most reliable of testers seeing as we’re all so flippin’ knackered after practice an old boot would taste amazing. But they are terribly complimentary which does my baking confidence no end of good.

I tested these White Chocolate and Cranberry  Crispy Treats on them a few weeks back and they were given a resounding thumbs up. So I shared it in my Naughty or Nice column in the Irish Independent’s Weekend magazine this weekend. In case you missed it, keep reading for the recipe.

Not that there is much baking in these little squares of naughtiness. These were paired with Aoife Barry’s Almond Butter and Chocolate Crispy Treats, a dairy and gelatine free alternative to your typical Crispy Treats.

What you need for White Chocolate & Cranberry Crispy Treats

45g of salted butter

100g of good quality white chocolate

300g of mini marshmallows (or regular sized marshmallows snipped in half)

200g of Rice Krispies 

100g of dried cranberries

Line a 30 x 22cm rectangular pan with cling film or baking paper and set aside. Over a low heat, melt 45g of salted butter in a large non-stick pan. Once it has melted, add 100g of good quality white chocolate (we used Kerry-made Lorge chocolate) and stir until melted.

Add 300g of mini marshmallows (or regular sized marshmallows snipped in half) and stir constantly until they have completely melted. (Be careful the marshmallow doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan. You can remove it from the heat and continue to stir if you see it sticking.)

Place 200g of Rice Krispies and 100g of dried cranberries into a large mixing bowl. Add the marshmallow mix to the bowl and gently stir with a spatula until the krispies are well coated in the marshmallow mix.

Now spoon the mix into the lined rectangular pan. Use a spatula to smooth the top, cover with more clingfilm and let cool for an hour.

When cool, remove the clingfilm and carefully transfer the large krispie square onto a chopping board. Cut into neat bars or squares with a sharp knife. These will keep for a day or two if stored in tin foil at room temperature. That is if you’re able to avoid scoffing the lot immediately.