Oh, I may as well rename the blog “I Can Has Testing BBC Good Food Recipes” as the next few posts will most probably feature a link to the On-Line Recipe Bible.

Niall’s Mum made us some Irish Stew over the Christmas holidays, and it was so delicious, that we’ve both been craving another bowl of it since.

Being snowed in over the weekend gave me an excuse to see if I could come close to replicating the yumminess in a bowl.  I decided on this recipe on BBC Good Food.  I headed to FX Buckley on Moore Street and picked up some lamb neck fillets for only a few euro, and nearly got all the way home without falling on my backside.  Nearly.  Still, it wasn’t quite as bad a fall as this guy’s.

I used this BBC Good Food Irish Stew recipe.  Do it, and do it good.

I Can Has Cook’s Notes:

  • I cut this recipe by a third, more or less, which made four portions.  So instead of using 900g of meat, I used 600g,  and so on and so forth.  The maths was quite difficult for me, but I made it through.
  • We had it for dinner on Friday night, and it warmed our bones, begorrah.  But, be warned, it was even tastier reheated the next day for lunch.
  • I had never used Pearl Barley before and it was a revelation.  They’re like thick, savoury rice crispies and they  added another comfort level to the stew.  I found them in Tesco’s so they appear to be readily available.