mango cocktail

On Friday night, we were treated to a wonderful evening by Alan & Colette in our second Come Dinw With Me evening.

I won’t say too much as the scores are all secret and I don’t want to give too much away. All I can say is that it was slightly more subdued than my wino-fuelled night, and, alas, there was no 4am dance off, purely due to the fact that I had to work the following morning.  I’ll get you back next time Alan!

I’ll let the food do the rest of the talking.

Starter: Thai Fishcakes


The Thai Fishcakes were served with two delicious dressings (one spicy chilli based and mider fish sauce based) and a green salad on the side.

fishcakes half eaten nom nom

Full of fish were these fish cakes.

Main: Fragrant Lamb Curry

lamb curry  with raita and chutney

The lamb curry was served with a tomato chutney and two raitas.

tomato chutney yum

The tomato cinammon chutney.

cucumber mustard seed raita

The mustard seed and cucumber raita.

tomato and mint raita

The tomato and mint raita.

Dessert: Coconut and Ginger Ice-cream

coconut and ginger ice cream

And here’s a picture of my second helping.  I didn’t get a picture of my third helping 🙂

coconut and ginger ice cream second helping

Once all the scores are in, I’ll post the recipes for this lovely dinner!