A few months ago, myself and Niall were given the wonderous news that we were to go to Australia, courtesy of Tourism Australia.  This day next week, we will be leaving Dublin and heading to Melbourne.  We’ll be spending five days there, followed by five days in Perth.  And we will be blogging all the way!

I’m very excited about all of the various activities that the lovely folk at Tourism Australia have arranged for us.  Just to give you a little taste of some of the (quite amazing) things we’re in store for, follow the links below!

We’re going to be checking out music and food, so we’ll be going to lots of gigs and meeting up with a few folk from the Melbourne and Perth music scenes. We’ll be coming home to Dublin full of interviews for podcasts and, indeed, full of food!

We’re also heading to a wedding in Bordeaux this weekend (on Friday) which will most definitely feature a beautiful bride, a chuffed groom, a stunning chateaux and some amazing grub.  I will be bringing you details of that before our trip to Oz.  But for sure, the next couple of weeks over here on I Can Has Cook will be more about dining out than dining in.  I hope you enjoy it!


One of our activities in Perth is to go and visit the Western Australian Museum where they’re holding a Nick Cave Exhibition.  Here’s a live video of the man himself and the always incredible PJ Harvey singing Henry Lee together.   Class stuff.