That’s right, Red Lemonade.  Illegal in every other country in the world except Ireland.  After a fashion.

A while back, I was reading through the excellent Eat Like A Girl blog, which is by Niamh who is an Irish lady based in London.  I saw this post about a Guilty Pleasures Dinner Party and I said by gum, I’ll have me one of those, thank you very much.

So I invited a few folks over to our flat and we had a really, really fun night of eating some rather ridiculous food.  I’m still in a carb coma today.  My goodness, it was fun though!

Big, big massive thanks to Aoife Daily Spud, Angela, Darragh, Loreana, Rapture Ponies, Rick, Jocelyn and Niall for bringing all the lovely food and for being a wonderful bunch of people.

Quote of the night: ‘Are you trying to out Phil Collins each other? Oooh let’s have a Phil Off!’

I’ll let the pictures do the talking as I am suffering from a hands-up guilty hangover.


We started the night with my Guilty Pleasure of Pimm’s No 1 Cup – it makes it easier to pretend that you live in Wimbledon.  I mean at the tennis competition, not just regular Wimbledon in London.  Traditionally you’re only supposed to add lemon and cucmber but I usually go for the sweeter strawberry and apple with cucumber and mint.  As a mixer, it has to be half lemonade and half ginger ale.  Bring it!


My second guilty pleasure of delicious olives and little fishies from the Temple Bar Food Market.  Guilty because I would eat that whole bowl by myself if I could.  Myself and Niall’s shared guilty pleasure is Tesco’s Caramelised Onion Houmous.  It would be a dark, dark day in our house if we ever ran out of it. Heaven forbid!


My third guilty pleasure was halloumi cheese fried in paprika.  Yum, yum, yum!


My last guilty pleasure was peanut butter and jelly sambos and a slice of apple with peanut butter.  Rick stepped up with his AMAAAAAZing CRISP AND HAM SANDWICH!!! A whole new level to the crisp sambo.  Gorgeous.


Darragh’s guilty pleasure was next and he popped these Eggy Oniony Worcestershire sauce Cheese on toast under the grill.  Heavenly.  Incredibly guilty.  Fabulous!


Aoife Daily Spud produced this Elvis Presley Pizza Dough Peanut Butter and Banana Bread. Did the King really eat this stuff?  It was…..divine!


Daily Spud’s Elvis Presley Pizza Dough Peanut Butter and Banana Bread!


The Guilty Pleasure Dinner Partiers – we’re missing Loreana who had to leave after the eggy cheese toast to DJ and Niall’s behind the camera!

The most anticipated course of the evening was The Daily Spud’s Potato Milkshake.  That’s right.  POTATO MILKSHAKE.  Above was the before pic and you can perhaps see wrinkles of trepidation behind our smiles as we hadn’t tasted the shots of potato smoothie yet!  They were YUM!  Weird and wonderful.  Maybe Spud will put up the recipes for her guilty pleasures on the blog and you can try the milkshake for yourself!


Around four hours after our first course, we got stuck in to Darragh’s Ice Cream Cream Soda Float served with Jocelyn’s Deep Fried Mars Bar. Although the photo may not do it justice, it was ridiculously tasty and scrumptious and COMPLETELY guilty!  We decided that a gastronomic masterpiece had been invented which will most definitely be served again at other more traditional dinner parties!

Soooo…you can’t have a Guilty Pleasures Dinner Party without truckloads of booze which meant that our heads were broken this morning.


And our guilty scoffing carried straight on through to this morning when we had Parmesan and Chive Scrambled Eggs for breakkie.  Mother of mercy, deeeeelicious.


OMG I am so full.


We actually had a Guilty Pleasures Dinner Party Playlist, with everyone sharing their guilty pleasures tunes via Spotify.  We listened to NKOTB, Pj & Duncan, Jason Donovan, Womak & Womak, Rolf  Harris, Sheryl Crow (that’s me – totally unindie), Will Young, Steely Dan (actually, there was no guilt involved in Steely Dan, love them), Warren G, Shuddupayaface… was fun.

The video below is definitely the best guilty track of the night….which is quite an achievement!