What do you do when you get home at 8 in the morning after a very fun night out and you wake up at half three on a Saturday afternoon feeling somewhere between the glee of still-a-bit-squiffy and the inevitable looming bout of The Fear which is due to hit at aroud half 5?  You make a hangover-curing fear-busting brunch, that’s what you do.

Inspired by this lady I decided to make a kick ass eggy toasted and ham and cheese sambo.  Bring it on.

What you need for two hungover heads

4 slices of bread – I used regular white sliced pan for Niall’s and tried my favourite Polish bread for my own sambo.  The regular sliced pan was better as the Polish bread didn’t go nice and crispy when toasted.  Get your hands on some lovely Polish white bread asap, it makes the best toast.  Not the best French toast though, it seems.

4 free range organic eggs, two for whisking and two for frying

1 red chilli, finely chopped

4 slices of good ham

Cheddar Cheese – as much as you like

A drop of red wine vinegar

Whisk two eggs in a bowl with the chilli.  Dip your bread into the eggs until nice and soaked.  Fry up your bread on one side.  Flip over the bread and place the ham and cheese on the cooked side.  Put the other slice of fried bread cooked side down on top.  Let the bottom side of the bread cook nice and good, flip the bread over until the other side is cooked too.  The cheese will go all melty and yum.


Fry the other two eggs to put on top of the sambo.  Start frying them in the middle of making the sambos so it’ll be all nice and ready at the same time.  I always put a little splash of red wine vinegar on my fried eggs, for two reasons: 1) it makes the eggs stay together really well and it adds a lovely flavour to them and 2) my friend Jocelyn always used to do that when we lived together so…I do it too!

So now you have your french toasted ham and cheese sandwich with a fried egg on top.  Serve it up with some yummy mustard and HP brown sauce, and try to piece together the night before by retracing your steps…*contented sigh*…



This is especially for the lovely Julia.  At about two in the morning last night (if you know what I mean) we were in a chipper on Wexford Street before going to Camden Palace for ‘a game of pool’ (translation=late pints).  After scoffing falafels and garlic chips, we had a great dance down the aisle to this song.  Nobody seemed to mind.  Probably because we are amazing dancers.

Dean Martin – That’s Amore