Asparagus for breakfast?? Jamie, you are a mentalist.

But it totally worked. This was the easiest thing to make. In fact, it was almost easier coordinating the boiled eggs with the asparagus than it is with toast. Especially if you’re cooking for two people – someone is always going to get cold toy soldiers. Who’s it gonna be? You? Or your partner? How can you decide? Avoid this Sophie’s Choice by substituting with this (admittedly much more expensive) option.

This breakfast seemed a bit bold seeing that a lot of people around us are talking about the recession. I have rather exceptionally bad maths skills (always a great CV spinner in times of economic crisis), but between the asparagus, parma ham and free range eggs, the breakfast for two still cost a good bit less than ten euro.

This is a special breakfast. It’s a breakfast to cook the day after you’ve totally fucked up your relationship. This is a power breakfast. A breakfast to forget all woes. A Breakfast to forgive all things. Seriously.

It’s ridiculously easy as well.

Wrap your asparagus spears in pancetta (“bacon will do, no worries” said Jamie in the book. I concur.) Add a bit of salt and pepper, then put them in the oven until the pancetta’s nice and crispy – could take between ten and tweny minutes depending on your oven. When the asparagus are starting to sizzle, I’d say that’s a good time to put on the eggs. The perfect boiled egg really does take five minutes.

So, all that’s left to do – once you’ve arranged your plates suitably – is dip your pancetta wrapped asparagus spear into your lovely free range boiled egg and reflect on the current Economic Crisis while reading the Sunday Business Post. Perfect.

I definitely did not listen to this when I was making breakfast but it seems appropriate considering my last sentence. Even though the Floyd were always seemingly giving out about righteous things, I bet they have totally had their fair share of asparagus based breakfasts. And sure why not?
Pink Floyd – Money (The Dark Side of The Moon)